Thursday, March 25, 2010


something I've been chewing on lately....

"Give what you have to anyone who asks you for it; and when things are taken away from you, don't try to get them back." -Luke 6:30

pretty sure we all could use that reminder, eh?


Thursday, March 4, 2010


since it's been a while.... figured you'd might have forgotten what I looked like. Here I am. A college graduate. Yep. Got my diploma to prove it. It's wonderfully strange not being in school anymore. I find myself sitting around in the morning, wondering what I should do with myself today. Clean house? Nope, did that yesterday. Laundry? Nope, folded and put away. Cook? Oh, that's right dinner is already in the crockpot...and some marinara sauce is bubbling away on the stove. And no, the marinara doesn't go with dinner tonight, I just decided to make some...well, because, why not? Made a batch of chocolate chip cookies today. Finished up two mix CD's for a couple lovely ladies today. Started going through magazines. . . ripping out pages. Need them for making collages. Collages for what you ask? Oh, who knows. I just feel like making something artsy. Blame it on Etsy. I've been pouncing every day for alteast an hour on that site.... wishing I was crafty and made crafty things.
Life looks quite different for me these days. My circle of friends has evolved. My daily routine is not so routine anymore. New roommates living in our lovely house. Time with Jeremy once again. The people I feel the most connected to, live 10 hours away. My heart is divided. Redding....oh Redding. I love you, but I do believe our time is quickly coming to an end. Dreaming about Idaho. Checking craigslist every day for houses and jobs. Wondering what life will be like up there. Missing ....people I've only spent 2 weeks of my life with, terribly. . . change ..... is on the horizon.
Lent seemed like an important thing for me to take part in this year....sacrifice & obedience.... something I can always work on in my life. Something my heart needs. Realignment for my soul. Facebook & alcohol. None of it. Not being on facebook has been strange. For the past couple of years, that's how we all connect. That's how we keep up with each others lives. And it's really got me thinking..... how sad it is that we know so much about a person just because of facebook...and that if we just met the person on the street, we probably wouldn't take the time to get to know them, because it'd take to'd be inconvenient. But lurking at their page and pictures ..... that's different. I don't know.... it's just a strange time in history we're living in. . . And alcohol, well, I like detoxing from it anyway, for health reasons... it's weird how certain things are what you gravitate towards in social situations, or when dealing with certain emotions, or after having a long day. so.... so far, so good. I have till Easter...only a month away. Already, I'm learning so much about my heart....and how God sees it.
Music has made it's way back into my life.....well it's always been there, but I didn't have time to get crazy about it like I used to be. Ahhhh, feels so good to discover new music and make mixes for friends. Something in music just warms my soul. April is going to be incredible in the music realm. Jeremy and I are going to see Thom Yorke....and then the very next day, Jonsi. Lucky? for sure... Jealous? You should be.
Anyway....a little update for you..... if there are any of you readers out there anymore. Time to tend to dinner....and drink another cup of coffee---gotta stay up for the midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland!