Sunday, November 16, 2008

11.16.08 x 2

i'm tired.
seems like Jeremy and I have been on the whoa these days.
i know he's tired
pulled an all-nighter with Juan working on a sweet design.
so i pretty much pulled an all-nighter as well.
i can't sleep when Jeremy's not home.
just doesn't feel right.
plus i always play the worried-mother card..
you know-worried that he got in a car accident on the way home...
i hate those feelings.
hopefully soon..
when we get a little bit of money
we can go away on a little trip
to relax.
maybe over to the coast
or up to ashland.
i have lots to blog about...
but like i said...
i'm exhausted..
mentally and physically..
not a good combination when i'm trying to work on a paper.
only 700 words...
but still.


somebody asked what my haircut looks like....
a bit like this........

k bye.

Friday, November 14, 2008


3 things I'm excited about......

1) having short hair again.
2) second Thanksgiving with friends
3) a homemade Christmas.

Yes, I decided to cut my hair. Think I cut like 4-5 inches it's not short-short like miss Hannah's that looks absolutely stunning.. . but I like it. I think I'm more of a short-er hair person. Long hair is great.... just not for me right now.

Second Thanksgiving. I think credit belongs to Jacob, Joel, and Riley on who began it (although I'm not sure who originated it:)....Anyway-the whole idea is getting together with friends the week after Thanksgiving and having the big old delicious meal-all over again and just being thankful for those who we surround ourselves with. So, we're inviting our life a few more up to Jonesy's house for a big's going to be great. I think I might cook the turkey-which I've never done before.... SO, I'm a bit nervous about that..but I'm sure I'll do just fine...

Third...a homemade Christmas. So Jeremy and I are pretty much going to be broke as a joke this Christmas; but I'm actually quite glad about it. I think people spend WAY too much on presents that we don't really need. We don't. There are plenty of people out there that need-we don't. Anyway, SO I'm planning on making a couple different jams & jellies, jars full of oatmeal goodness and cookie jars (you know how you make the mix and layer it all pretty in a jar), and I think probably some homemade Limoncello and Irish Cream. So yes, excited about that. . .

loves you all.-a

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


the enemy has been defeated.
a girl I know is pregnant but nobody else knows. not even the guy involved (or lack thereof). and i don't even think she knows I know. but I've been praying for her and the baby ever since i found out.
she was on her way to get an abortion...boom.
change of heart.
the baby happily grows inside her belly.
beat that Satan.

"the enemy has been defeated..and death couldn't hold You down...we're gonna life our voice in victory..we're gonna make Your praises loud..."

not in our house----------believe it.
God is moving.... like whoa--------experience it.
He is good-------know it.
God first-------------------------live it.

God sees this girl and this baby as beautiful----as His children. He loves them just as much as He loves you or I. Why shouldn't I act the same?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

11.9.08 p.m.

tonight at the stirring we talked about the porn-addicted elephant. . . and really all that porn has done to us as a country. rocked me. to the core. my past comes back and haunts me every once in a while. and my self-worth, my self-image take the blow. my past that told me i had to be a certain way. my past that told me this is all your worth.

not in our house.

God kept giving me words all through the night.
worth it. ARE beautiful. you ARE worth more than this world says you are. you ARE enough----just the way you are------in every way. you don't have to live up to any man's fantasy. you don't have look like the women on tv and in the magazines. you just don't.

not in our house.
i wish i could put into words what's on my heart right now... i just can't get it out.
but girls... guys... talk to me. talk to someone. we're not meant to carry this burden. i can't get "how He loves" out of my head right now... "He is jealous for me..........."

isn't that enough?

11.9.08 a.m.

finally got Jeremy and I are own Klean Kanteen, at the co-op in Ashland yesterday. Goodbye buying stupid bottles of water. Hello the green way to drink water. plus with all the crap in our water here in Redding... I don't even trust the bottled stuff anymore. and thinking about how much money we'll save... awesome.
i love shopping at co-ops. i really do. someday...maybe Redding will have their own. I really don't get why we don't.
i was excited to find some unbleached wax-paper baggies for packing lunch stuff. these have been around forever-my mom couldn't believe I found them b/c her mom used to use them back in the day when she was a kid. they're really great-say no to plastic! and they're safe to use in the microwave (even though I hate using the microwave).. and they won't contaminate ground water and are non-toxic if you burn them..unlike our plastic baggies. I'm pretty sure you can buy them on Amazon but know for sure you can find them on GreenFeet.
ok enough of my greeness for today..but seriously-it's so easy to do your part.

here's the main reason for this blog. God is moving like crazy in Redding..and in the hearts of those in our community. One family that is really living out our dream for loving on the least here in Redding is The Cables. Last month they threw the people that live at Market Street Manor Hotel in downtown Redding a bbq..and it was a HUGE God gave Chris this passion and He has really given Chris the ideas next weekend..November 22nd, don't make plans. we need your help with a soup feed for these people...check out Chris's blog for more info. I'm SO excited about this. God has totally been putting a chili feed of some sort on my heart for the people in downtown Redding-so a soup feed sounds just as good. There is NO reason that we can't meet all the needs and then some for these people. So talk to Chris, donate some food, plan on helping out Saturday, do it. Remember.... we love.
all this thought of soup..I think I'll go make some Broccoli-Cheddar soup.... mmmm....will be delicious with the fresh sourdough I got up in Ashland....

so keep J and I in your prayers if you think about it. Pray that He'll provide a job for Jeremy and for patience for me. I'm not too worried because I know that God always provides for us-He always has. He always will.
loves you all.-a.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


seriously. every time I go to Ashland... I wonder, why don't we live here.
Such a great town.
great people.
great food.
great coffee.
great beer.
great weather...
my mom and I had a beer at the black sheep last night, her first time sitting at a bar. *so great*
drank an incredible 8 oz. triple latte this morning at Mix, which proudly serves Stumptown coffee...yum. it was probably the best latte i've had in forever..although lately i've been rockin' a plain double shot of espresso. no cream. no sugar. Yes, I know what you're thinking...I am a bad ass.we stayed at the Columbia Hotel. First time staying there-and won't be the last..i seriously felt like I was staying at my Grandma's house or something..and our room looked right down on Main street-it was fun to watch all the people walking around. cheapest hotel right in Ashland too. so if you don't mind staying in an old historical hotel, that's not all fancy shmancy-stay there. you'll love it. the guy at the front desk has an incredible accent that makes you think you're not staying in America.
i feel like blogging more..but it's 9:15 and I'm tired..have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning for work. *sigh* I can't wait for the day when I have Sundays off .... someday...
so I made some cookies for the Obama party we went to on Tuesday....
I dubbed them Oat-bama Chocolate chip cookies..they were delish. and no eggs involved.. quite simple..and quite delish.
anyway friends. loves you.-a.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


our kids and grandkids are going to learn about today in history class.
the first African-American president.
this is incredible.


big day.
did you vote?
jeremy and i just got back.
didn't have to wait in line.
for some reason..
i'm really at peace with the whole thing.
well, not at peace..
but I'm not worried about tomorrow.
my allegiance is not to this country.
I am not going to put country first.
I do not believe that one man . . .
can change all the bad to good.
*thanks Dan for rockin' us at the stirring Sunday*
go listen to the podcast.
my allegiance is with Jesus.
He's who I put first in my life.
. . .
I am gOing to a pOlitical party tOnight.
gOOd friends.
gOOd fOOd.
hOpefully celebration.
gOOd times at team rOsten's.

go vote.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


ah. November.
an amazing fall so far.
a few pictures for you....
of a fun evening
with friends....

pumpkins make Jeremy jump for joy

some of our amazing friends Zach and Kellyi was doing the happy pumpkin dance..
but Jeremy missed the shot.
aren't my pumpkins cute?

today was nice.
chili, cornbread, and cider
with good friends.
i love Sunday afternoons.
especially rainy ones.