Friday, April 30, 2010


So in my quest to live a simpler, more natural life...I have decided to do two things: the master cleanse and start natural birth control.

The cleanse.... I think I'm going to start on Monday.. I have been researching it like crazy and feel like I know the ins and outs pretty well. I have already mentally and spiritually prepared myself for this time, and am actually pretty excited about the "results"....the hardest part will not necessarily be not eating, but not cooking instead. i LOVE to for 10 days, I'm going to hang up my apron... well, maybe not, I've read a few MC'ers, were able to cook a meal for their family around day 7, without any we will see. So this weekend, I'm planning on making a few of my favorite meals: Nacho Spuds, Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches, and BBQ Chicken & Potato Packets.... then the rest will be up to my darling husband. I tried desperately to convince him to do the cleanse with me....but guess I'm just not as convincing as I thought I was....Oh well, I do know that I am stubborn enough to do a cleanse by myself :) Pretty sure that in the last couple of weeks, I discovered I'm lactose intolerant... yep. Sucks. Man oh man...I love cheese and don't even get me started on ice cream *sniff sniff Ben&Jerrys*.....but realized the whole dairy thing just doesn't sit well with me... Make sense, since humans were not created to drink cow's milk, but breast milk from their mother.... So since it would be a little weird (and not to mention unheard of) to purchase breast milk, I've opted for Almond milk... and I love it.. So now the hardest part will be the cheese... I think I might first try goats & sheep milk cheeses and if that doesn't work...sigh, does that mean veggie cheese? I don't think I'm a huge fan but haven't really dabbled too much into the fake cheese.
as far as the natural birth control, or natural family planning, it just makes sense...and really is the only option that I'm a fan of. I took birth control almost the first 2 years of being married, and suffered from extremely bad bad that my doctor suggested I stop taking it because it could be causing blood clots in my brain. Really!??!?! And you prescribed me this in the first place??? Anymore, I'm just so over all the prescription drugs we get from doctors that are "helping" us, when in reality, they're really just pumping us full of chemicals that our bodies may have a reaction too.... anyway.... yes, we could use condoms for the rest of our lives, but really, c'mon people, who wants to do that. And no, I don't want to get an IUD...I have too many moral dilemmas about that to even consider it. So, "taking charge of your fertility" and "Honoring our cycles" now sit on my bedside table. Is this too much information? Well, you know me...and this is my blog after all, I didn't ask you to read it. ;)
I'm sure I'll be blogging more and more throughout my fast.... telling you all in depth about my eliminations... haha, but seriously, I might.
love you all.


Vanessa said...

so proud of you, nutter butter. i think it's a super great idea. i give you major kudos.

last couple sentences reference that you're now doing the diaphragm? think so, but not so certain. i've considered it for a long time, but feel uncomfortable with the potential result of pregnancy... not desiring to get pregnant, even accidentally, in the near future (read: ever), so haven't gone that route as of yet. if you have/are, perspective would be appreciated. =)

Vanessa said...

also - there is a great vegan soy cheese out there. i use it pretty frequently (when i make pizza)... it actually melts, which is an amazing feat for soy cheese, believe me. =) i'll look it up and let you know. also, nutritional yeast is a good cheese alternative for cooking/baking, if you want to try that out.

Anonymous said...

Being that I am also lactose intolerant, I have good news about the cheese! I pretty much only eat hard and aged cheeses, and could never figure out why it didn't bother me like other dairy. When I began researching the dairy/gluten free diet, I discovered this little tidbit: There is no gluten in (almost all) hard and aged cheeses! Soft cheeses like Brie (Bummer! So good!) and Mozarella are full of gluten, so stay away from those. Hopefully this helps in your transition :)