Tuesday, February 26, 2008


work today. Poppy. one of those days i was just tempted to clock out and walk out those doors. never to return. Its hard when you've worked somewhere as long as I have... I've got all these "ties" to my work.. they're like my second family...and i feel like I'm being taken advantage of..but if i do anything, I'll be betraying them. bleh. someone please give me a million dollars so i won't have to work anymore. seriously, is that too much to ask? all i want is one 1/2 of a day off so i can spend some time with my husband and go to church with him.. like normal married couples do. but no. bullshit. excuse my language, but I'm in a sour mood right now.
good news. i got my new Cooking Light in the mail yesterday.. new inspiration! *yes* that means my new Light and Tasty will be coming in the next week and then the new Rachael Ray! i love my cooking magazines!! and hey, if you ever want to borrow any of them..just let me know-i love to recycle my old mags instead of throwing them out!
its been weird lately, hearing everyone talk about a "recession."... wondering if its really going to happen. business is slow everywhere. hours getting cut. i wonder what the economy is going to look like in the next year. such a weird time to be in your mid-20's. houses are dirt cheap right now..but Jeremy and i still couldn't afford our mortgage. last year we pulled in just under 40G's and yet, we make TOO much money to get any financial aid when it comes to school. i just don't get it. sometimes i feel like the people that don't work as hard as i do, have it better. .. . but that's not entirely true. i hate money. I've really decided that. i wish we lived in a society where you didn't have to have money.. if you needed to "buy" sometime, you'd trade a service... like cleaning their house. or changing the oil in their car. you know what i mean? money just complicates things and makes us selfish. sometimes i don't think living in America all its cracked up to be either, but that's a whole different story.
my mind is full these days. of all sorts of things. just curious. just dreaming.
we made tacos last night. just plain old tacos. nothing gourmet about it, and shoot we're they good!:) Jeremy even fried the tortillas for our taco shells. he looked SO cute in my flowery apron:)!! love it!
anyway. I'm starting school today. pretty excited about it. give me a little something more to do than work. . . .
well, I'm going to make some pizza sauce for pizza tonight.. . heading over to Jonesy's to watch Rob&Big.. our new Tuesday night tradition.


Rosetta Borgic said...

Yes! I want to borrow cooking light, k?? I don't get that one. :)

Rosetta Borgic said...

oh! and when are you going to call that lady about the job???

Emily Faulknor said...

So, Amy, you are in school now? Where are you going? What are you studying? That is so cool! I want details! :) How was your pizza the other night? What kind did you make? So many questions, ha! I think that means that we need to get together, what do you think?

Rosetta Borgic said...

So excited about the stack of mags on my counter.
Thanks, friend, you are the best!