Friday, February 22, 2008

success? not quite.

lunch was delicious. san francisco deli...can't go wrong. jeremy seemed pretty tired at lunch, not saying much... which I've learned (through love and respect) is okay to be quiet sometimes:) Doesn't mean anything is wrong, just that he's tired:).... so we said goodbye and i focused myself on finding some black pants for work. well I made it to TJMaxx.... and ended up leaving with another tanktop (am i ready for summer or what?!?!) and something... cute for jeremy:) teehee. no pants. i think i'll make my sister go shopping with me tomorrow... i always do better when she's around. Plus we normally make the WinCo trip together on Saturday mornings..that place is not quite so daunting when you have someone with you:) well.... time to go switch the laundry over...ah the beauties of living in a 45 unit apartment complex with only 4 washers and dryers!! there was a note on one of the washers that said "Don't touch my laundry, I don't touch yours." so what did I do.... lifted the lid to see if there was anything in there. boy clothes. hilarious.

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