Wednesday, October 1, 2008


October? Seriously?.... wow.
went to the DMV today to get my new tags for the Honda. Ran into my old friend Shelby Haskins. God bless the DMV. We ended up going to Yaks downtown to catch up b/c it's been days since we actually sat down and talked. She is such a sweet woman of God and so beautiful. It's funny because she is one of those friends I've known since I was 16 and I'm sure we'll always be friends and be able to sit down and pick up where we left off... a pleasant surprise nonetheless.. I don't really go out for coffee with people anymore, so it was very refreshing. We saw Jared Witt there as well-another amazing person totally in love with God. I'm so blessed-God has surrounded me with such amazing people (and even let me marry one of them!! :) Found out Shelby is going down to see the Sigur Ros show as well...oh it's going to be incredible....
so, it's time for #4.
Sigur Ros.
Take 4.
Oakland, CA. at the Paramount
I want to say 2005.
This was after I'd met Jeremy
and had the pleasure of introducing him to all that is Sigur Ros.
So we get to Oakland early...
weird town.
We found the venue and decided to walk around and find some dinner.
weird town.
the only thing that was open was Subway.
of course like 5 city blocks were blocked off to all pedestrians and traffic.
Why you ask?
Oh because Will Smith was out there in the street...
they were filming Pursuit of Happiness.
great movie if you haven't seen it.
So anyway, ....
We finally get to our seats after going up stair after stair.
Balcony seats. awesome.
Awesome because we were in row Y.
yes, as in the next to last letter of the alphabet.
Row Y.
it almost made you dizzy how high up you were.
oh well-it didn't matter. we could see the stage-it's all good.
the lady usher, an elderly black woman...
came up to Jeremy and I
"you two are a beautiful couple..."
and walked away.
lights dim.
music starts.
they look like giants on stage.
playing behind a scrim.
I really think they played like 3 songs with this thing was incredible.
there was like a minute of silence...
in the middle of song.
they just stopped playing.
no one said anything.
no one clapped.

then out of nowhere, they started up right where they left off, all together.
it was INtense.
I told Jeremy on the way down to the show that this would be his best concert ever.
be prepared to be blown away.
to have a spiritual experience.
he didn't believe me.
but up there in Row Y....
he experienced.
he fell in love...

seriously..2 days till Sigur Ros.
i'm feeling much better today in case anyone was concerned. so much that I think I'll go do some housework and make some chocolate chip cookies...
loves you all.---a.

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Erica said...

I am soooo bummed. Wipe tear away. I can't go. I really wanted to get away from my kids. Babysitting wasn't working out and then we all got sick. Ava may have pink eye. Can't send her off like that. Bummer maybe next time. Have so much fun and tell me all about it.