Thursday, January 8, 2009


two things I love right now:
1) my new flatiron. seriously. i love my hair right now.
2) my new striped sweater. i love target.
(okay-i guess that was 4 things...)

two things I hate right now:
1) my slightly congested head. i hate feeling the sickness begin.
2) my honey isn't here. late late tonight I'll see him. *cheers*

school started up again for me this week. and man on man am I having a hard time getting back into the groove. 1 more year. I can do it.
i've been thinking I want to join a gym again. sick of the married weight I've put on over the last year and a half. but do I really want to pay 20 bucks a month when I could just get my lazy ass in gear and go running. think i'll go buy some new workout pants (since I only have shorts and it's freezing outside) and hopefully that'll inspire me. I love walking downtown where we live, so why wouldn't I love running around here. plus, since I'd be seeing people all the time-I'd have to run the whole time...when I used to "run" alot, I would walk for a while until I saw someone, and then I'd start running again so they wouldn't think I was lame...totally a mental thing. . .
took an hour nap today when I got home from so nice. i love love naps.
well i'm going to heat up some leftovers for dinner... eat a piece of cake that Jeremy brought home for me last night..and watch the new Grey's Anatomy. How lame that the Office is a rerun tonight. seriously.
loves you all.

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cable said...

I know. SO lame about the rerun! It was funny to read this today. I finally started running today after a long drought of not. Good luck to you!