Monday, January 5, 2009


i just made homemade butter.
just call me betty crocker.
i feel pretty darn domestic right now.
been listening to the new
kanye all day.
anyone want to dance with me?
'cos that's what i've been doing all afternoon.
just call me the bumpin' bad ass butter maker.

i'll leave it at that.
feeling a little silly at the moment.
silly enough to go to WinCo?...hhmm.
it IS the 5th of the month.
oh Trader Joes, when will you come?
making Coconut Chicken Curry tonight.
it's one of my favorite things to make...
and to eat.
loves you all.


cable said...

You didn't hear? Traders Joes backed out and isn't coming because of the failing economy...Cassie is proud of you for making butter. She makes ours from cream from the cows milk. The butter is AWESOME on popcorn. Like candy.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh! dinner tonight....


see yah guys tonight.

:) ha

Amelia said...

I will dance with you anytime :). I miss you, hope your holidays were amazing!

Katie Agudo said...

ahhh! am's... me and wes need to come over for dinner real, real real soon lady love! hahaa