Sunday, October 3, 2010


A list of things I want to accomplish in the next....3-6 months.

1) Master the art of making biscuits & pie crusts (i'm a cook, my friends, not a baker...)
*my mom and sister are amazing cooks & bakers, so I can be too, right?*

2) Master the art of either crocheting or knitting
*once again, my mom and sister are incredible at this..well crocheting a part of me wants to knit, so then I can be the master knitter of the family.. :)*

3) Master the art of sewing, and being able to alter ugly, thrift store finds into sweet, one-of-a-kind outfits just for me.
*I grew up wearing, almost all, homemade clothes by my mom. Eventually I'd like to make my own clothes, pillows, curtains, all that stuff, so I can create the same kind of one of a kind clothes I had growing up*

4) Eat, drink, breathe organic.
*this is a challenge right now, financially, but I've learned that I have SO much I can cut out of my life to make room for buying steps though, for now*

5) Make all my own cleaning products (used to do this..but have grown lazy over the past few months).
*seriously, all you really need is vinegar, baking soda, castile soap (which is not even a necessity), salt, lemons, and elbow grease*

6) Eat more vegetables, maybe just eat meat twice a week?
*Jeremy will hate this, I imagine*

7) When I do eat meat, it must be local, organic, free-range.
*Yet another thing that seems out of our budget, but after doing some research, this just makes sense*

8) Start buying all the "new" stuff I need, at thrift stores or discount stores, only.
*thrift storing is a favorite, forgotten past-time of mine and I can't wait to scout the Idaho stores*

9) Getting an old typewriter and actually typing my friends & family letters/cards (Yet another thing I used to do....back in the day).
*of course, I had to get rid of 2 awesome typewriters back in the they have become trendy & expensive...but I bet I can find one for under $10*

10) Exercise atleast 3 but hopefully 5 days a week, and therefore, becoming "fit" Amy...losing that lovely "i've been married 3 years" weight.
*Thanks to Tori, I'm going to be working out to the "Biggest Loser" dvds...that Jillian lady really freaks me out but maybe she's what I need to scare me into making exercise a part of my everyday life*

Just a few things, friends.....sometimes I need to just write things out...and put it out there, for people to check in on me...see how I'm doing. K thx bye.


bethany w said...

love all these goals, i think you can do it


No offense, but the organic myth is a bunch of crap.

As to hand writing letters or notes, I applaud you. I still write letters and send cards to people. To me, it shows I care.