Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have it.
my sister just came by.
with her new ride.
her and erich bought a......
2003 Toyota Tundra.
all black.
murdered out as Jill puts it.
not many of you know this about me
but i'm a truck girl.
not just any truck.
it's gotta be toyota.
this baby has got huge tires.
a 3 inch lift...
i have to use the oh sh*t handles to get in.
love it.
went for a quick drive
(jill drove of course, i'll wait to ask for a drive.........
till, tomorrow).
came home to my 97 Corolla and 98 Honda.
at the humble life of driving sedans.
Ok, enough of me being jealous.
...or atleast blogging about it.
they totally deserve this truck.
maybe I'll ask her to put me in their will...
for the truck.


Anonymous said...

Hey babe... I did some research... the 03 tundra with a 3in lift gets 13mpg... whats our honda get? like 30?... whos rollin now?... hehehe. I love you, someday i will buy you a sweet ride. :)

JUAN said...


The tundra is an amazing truck.. however with all the crazy libs around you'll probably get the major stinkeye... at least until they need your truck to haul their groceries because they wont fit in their go-kart..

But you do have a honda.. which is a really reliable vehicle!! You'll get your truck someday!

cable said...

I agree. You'll get your truck someday. It took me FOREVER to get what i wanted. It was in God's timing. I love my truck but it KILLED me when gas prices were high.

God's timing.